Saswati & Arka

                Saswati came to know about us through a common friend. She was getting married and had the plan to shoot her pre-wedding. So, the appointment was fixed on a coffee shop on a Saturday morning on February. We reached on time and found her sitting at a corner table with her fiancé Arka. At the first glimpse we observed a lot of difference in the couple on looks as well as in the persona. Arka is well built, tall and dark where Saswati is short, chubby and faired complexioned. Arka was a more composed and thoughtful where she was bubbly & chirpy in nature.

                The common thing between them was their school and from the same location they were brought up. Though they knew each other from nursery days but the love bloomed on the higher classes. Though they got separated in colleges and work front, but the relationship never saw a downhill. So, they were super excited on the tying of the knot in a few months and wanted to have their love story framed forever.

                Still remember, our conversation started something like this…. “Look at you guys - you are no Kajol or Sharukh, you are simple looking guys and we want to showcase who you are and how special your relationship looked like…………….” We proposed to shoot them on the places they used to meet and the way they mingled. I guessed they might be offended but jumped up twice excited to go for it in the way we want.

                It was a shoot over a couple of days on the same weekend. Hired a big SUV, shoved in our lights, got hitched in our makeup artiste, picked up the couple with their bags filled with clothes. Intentionally we avoided any props and decided to go and click rustic pictures with the earthy feel. We made up a plan to visit all the places they dated. Should also confess, the couple took up a lot of pain in these two days starting from enacting the natural look with expressions to changing clothes in make shift arrangements. After these painful two days we got exactly what we wanted, and the couple was so proud having the pictures.

                This work of ours is completely a break from what and how we were shooting the pre-weddings in general. The presentation is also a bit different, but we are happy to give what our clients want and wish you enjoy the series too!!!