Swati & Avishek

   Yes, that’s exactly what Abhishek told us when we stepped in his house to talk on the photoshoot he wanted. It sent out a giggle in our own stomach to see Swati resting in a couch with the huge bulge. The couple were super excited meeting us and not wasting much time we dipped straight in to the topic.

                On our homework we already had the critical facts in mind like…she is on her eighth month, will not be able to walk much, neither can go for many changes in looks or clothes. Another major aspect was that she needs to rest in between the shots and result in a longer photoshoot than any other photoshoot assignments. The points Abhishek added more is the location should not be distant from home in case of any emergency. He also wanted to depict their family bonding in the pictures as well.

                To be honest with you, it was not an easy thing to meet all the client’s expectations. On returning to the base, we started our brainstorming on - the location, schedule and resources. After a multiple conflict on ideas within the team, we came up with the final plan and went to meet Abhishek & family. We presented the blueprint and at our surprise without a single intervention they accepted them all. Now the ball was on our court, it made us more nervous now that nothing should go wrong & how good we deliver.

We shortlisted the poolside of Hyatt Regency hotel seeing variety of locations, shopped for a few props & toys, contracted our makeup artiste and arranged our mobility. Both Swati & Abhishek was extremely accommodating and made our task easy. After a whole day of shoot, we got a series of fantastic shots and the couple went home safe and happy.

Here we are extremely proud and happy to share a few shots and look forward for your feedback as well.