Priya & Utkarsh

It was a beautiful afternoon on November 2019, we were sitting in our office enjoying a coffee break. The phone rang and there was a beautiful soft voice of a lady asking about our details on assignments. I took up the phone to asked for details. She said even softly…Hi I am Priya, looking for photo & video coverage in March for my engagements... location is one of the banquets in ITC Sonar Bangla, Kolkata.

My usual queries were shoot out on the Budget and requirements. She humbly asked us to meet in person to drill down deeper. The next weekend we drove down to meet and found her to be times more beautiful than she sounded on the phone. Along with the parents, her requirements were simpler, and our previous works impressed them to sign the contract. The complication started after that….and we completely blame ourselves on this. We needed to be sure and be prepared on the Dress, ambient lights, decoration of the venue and the theme with schedule. On the consecutive months, Priya set up several meetings with her event manager, Venue Manager, the person in charge of lights and decoration. We fearlessly stepped in all the areas and made the necessary changes……and Priya supported us with eyes completely closed. Our target was to give Priya an old classic feel of the images & her video. All were sorted, and we jumped in to execution.

Below is the glimpse of the work. The client expressed their satisfaction and the wedding contract is on the way and hope you enjoy these pictures as well!